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A Blueprint

REFLEXICON- A creative and relentless audio machine.

Just as any machine uses crude resources to manufacture a finely-fabricated product, REFLEXICON blends its raw data based on life experiences, its tenacity to further develop physical motor skills, its broad musical knowledge, and its synergy of human components to produce sound over time that stretches the senses of the listener to new heights. The REFLEXICON machine uses precision instrumental and musical prowess to fabricate hard-driving progressive rock and ambient angular soundscapes; with the machine’s byproducts being rhythmic assault and inversion, asymmetrical guitar riffs, and soaring vocal melodies.

Paul “P.K. Ripper” Kratky, guitarist of Chicago progressive metal legends Slauter Xstroyes, assembled this musical machine along with guitarist Jerry Buczko and bassist Bill Dixon, and performed under the moniker IRONFINGER for the first few years. Their intent was to burn down an audience - armed only with creative audio as an accelerant. Paul and Jerry’s front line of blistering guitar runs are precise yet unpredictable, full of jagged interval jumps and perfectly-synchronized picking. Meanwhile, Bill’s pummeling bass lines are efficiently coupled with drummer Mike "The Martian" Marcinkowski’s percussive stomp, and provide the drivetrain that pushes the machine forward from its stable base. With the addition of vocalist Fred Morg, who stretches a tapestry up and over the entire machine, a melodic thread is woven into the product seamlessly. Their lyrics, bringing much-needed observations and suggestion to a world losing touch with its human element, are made more immediately vital when the REFLEXICON audio engine tenaciously pushes it forward.

The REFLEXICON sound is derived from its members' varied backgrounds. Each members is a seasoned veteran of the hard rock music scene, having merged together from different corners of Chicago's rock scene. Whether it be the many factions of Rock, Punk/Pop, Metal, or Jazz Fusion; no creative influence is deemed unwanted or unnecessary in their process.

A machine assembled as a REFLEX to life’s many achievements and pitfalls;
using a LEXICON of tools and devices to assemble the product;
and the insistence to FLEX their strengths in their quest for an audio ICON.

It has been built for you.
Embrace The Product.

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